NIXSolutions: Meta Ends Support for Facebook News

Meta recently announced its decision to terminate support for Facebook News in the US and Australia by April 2024. This move includes the cessation of new news business deals and a commitment to not develop future Facebook products dedicated to publishers.


Facebook News Tab’s Evolution:

The inception of the News tab on Facebook in 2019 marked a significant collaboration with major publishers, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and CNN, who entered content agreements totaling millions of dollars. However, come April, this tab will cease to exist globally, following its prior discontinuation in the UK, France, and Germany.

Changing Landscape of Facebook News:

Initially launched with the goal of supporting quality journalism and enhancing democratic discourse, Facebook News aimed to address the perceived gap in coverage identified in a 2019 survey. Fast forward to today, Meta reveals that global users see less than 3% of news content in their Facebook feed, indicating a diminishing role for news within the overall Facebook experience.

Shift in Priorities:

In response to the evolving user preferences, Meta has decided to discontinue payments to publishers, redirecting its focus towards content types that resonate more with users, particularly short-form videos. Publishers are encouraged to share links in the Reels section or opt for advertising opportunities, adds NIXSolutions.

As Meta navigates away from the Facebook News initiative, the platform is poised to undergo a transformative shift, aligning itself more closely with the content preferences of its vast user base.