NIX Solutions’ Social Media Marketing Services

You have a business, but don’t have time to promote it in social media? Not sure where to start? DO not worry, we can help and do everything for you.

Here at NIX Solutions, we have an effective recipe for success and know how to achieve recognition in social networks. Your project will be conducted by SMM specialists who have undergone special training, and not beginners without experience. But what does SMM mean?

To cut it short, Social Media Marketing is the promotion of a product in social networks.

Specific SMM actions depend on the product itself and promotion tasks. Those can be targeted advertising, placement of advertising materials with bloggers and on thematic platforms, content promotion and community marketing, messaging app mailing and with the help of social networks.

However, it will not work without the proper setup and design of the site (group, account, site, etc.), therefore these actions are also included in the SMM promotion.

NIX Solutions’ SMM Services

The tasks of SMM promotion may include increasing product awareness, increasing the number of subscribers, increasing audience engagement, lead generation (creating a flow of applications for a product), etc. If you need help with something mentioned above, NIX Solutions’ SMM team will gladly help you.