NIX Solutions: Instagram Launches Notes in DMs

Instagram has announced several important updates, each of which we will dedicate a separate publication. In this article we will talk about “Notes”.

Notes will be shown in messages above your chat list and will be a hint to start a conversation with the one you follow.

NIX Solutions

How to add a note to posts on Instagram

Notes are short messages up to 60 characters containing only text and emoticons, says Postium. In fact, this is a user avatar and a small text signature, by clicking on which you can write directly to private messages. Something like stories or status, as it disappears after 24 hours.

To create a note in Direct, follow our instructions:

  • Step 1. Go to your private messages and open the top of your inbox.
  • Step 2. Choose who will see the note – mutual followers or people from the “Close friends” list.
  • Step 3. Write and publish your note (status).

The note will be displayed in messages for 24 hours. Replies to notes will come in the form of private messages.

This innovation is yet another attempt by Instagram to build on personal communications in its growth strategy.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, also noted that currently more interactions between users occur in personal correspondence, given this, the social network wants to provide more opportunities for communication in the application.

Starting today, Notes is available to all users.

NIX Solutions remins that previously, Instagram began to show whether the user’s content is suitable for getting into the recommendations.