NIX Solutions: New Instagram “Notify” Sticker

Instagram has initiated trials for a new sticker in stories – “Notify”. Here’s a breakdown of what this sticker entails, how it functions, and how to utilize it effectively.

Understanding the “Notify” Sticker

The “Notify” sticker in stories enables users to subscribe to notifications concerning new posts on their account.

NIX Solutions

How to Utilize the “Notify” Sticker in Instagram Stories

To incorporate a notification sticker into your story, commence the creation process as usual – upload a photo or video. Then, access the stickers menu and choose the “Notify” sticker from the options provided.

Place the sticker on the desired location within the story and publish it.

Upon viewing the story and interacting with the sticker, users can opt-in to receive notifications about new stories, posts, reels, or live broadcasts.

This sticker can foster a loyal audience base, particularly for users who prioritize staying updated with your content. However, it’s noteworthy that this feature isn’t entirely novel, as users can already subscribe to account notifications via the bell icon. Therefore, its use may be perceived as redundant or intrusive.

When to Use the “Notify” Sticker

Given its potential for spam-like behavior, the “Notify” sticker should be employed judiciously. For instance, during contests or important announcements, suggesting subscribers to enable notifications ensures they don’t miss out on crucial updates.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding this feature.

NIX Solutions also reminds that earlier, Instagram began testing extended Reels loading times of up to 10 minutes.