NIX Solutions reports: Pinterest is to Show More Varied Content in the Feed

Visual search engine Pinterest has updated its ranking algorithm to show more types of content in users’ feeds, reports SearchEngines.

As part of the update, the company introduced a new ranking model to the algorithm.

The previous model was based on predicting how likely a user is to click on a particular pin, given their past activity. The more relevant Pins were prioritized.

The new ranking system is called Controlled Distribution. Pinterest describes this model as a “flexible real-time system.” At the same time, the developers did not rework the entire algorithm. Controlled distribution is applied after the traditional feed ranking algorithm, specifies NIX Solutions.

This system is designed to provide more diverse content in the feed. It allows you to specify what proportion of impressions a certain type of publication should receive. For example, let 4% of users have video content in their feed.

Previously, Pinterest’s ranking team did this job manually. Now it will be executed algorithmically.