NIX Solutions Reviews

We have helped hundreds brands and companies around the world and are proud to be recommended as an effective business partner. In their reviews, our clients usually point out these factors why they benefit from our services:

Colossal experience

We have been engaged in SMM promotion for many years now. We know how to understand people and communicate with them.

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Huge portfolio

Over 400 SMM projects have been implemented. There are no failed projects or those which we would not be proud of.

Expert understanding of SMM market

We know the features of social networks and media, their audiences, technologies, rules.

The team

We strive to hire the real professionals that are never tired of improving themselves.

NIX Solutions is all about quality and we are proud that so many people decided to entrust us with their aspirations.

We’ve been on the market since 1994 providing all kinds of IT services to meet everyone’s needs, and we are still here, sharpening our skills and raising the level of excellence.

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