NIXsolutions: Instagram and TikTok Expand Video Length Limits

Instagram has expanded the test to upload longer Reels: some users can now upload videos that are 3 minutes long. Before that, you could download Reels that were 90 seconds long. The feature to download 10-minute Reels is also in early testing at Instagram HQ.


Testing Longer Videos

This is the first time this feature has been seen in real-time testing, although you can only use pre-recorded videos to upload to Reels, rather than shooting them with the Reels camera.

Trending Towards Longer Videos

Longer videos are also trending on TikTok as it seeks to expand user behavior and offer more content to keep people engaged. This week, TikTok launched a new creator rewards program that offers cash incentives to users who upload longer video clips. Instagram also encourages users to upload longer Reels to increase engagement. We’ll keep you updated on further developments.

Impact on User Engagement

More viewing time means more entertainment, and as social apps move away from social elements, keeping users engaged is the new key to continued app growth. It also lends itself to greater monetization opportunities through in-stream advertising, and with many people now watching content in the Reels format, it makes sense for Meta to experiment with the format to see what users will stick with and what it can get out of it. In January, Meta reported that consumption of Reels was up 20% year-over-year, with AI-powered content recommendations helping to maximize growth and driving Facebook and Instagram usage, adds NIXsolutions. We’ll continue to monitor these trends.

In summary, Instagram and TikTok are adapting to user preferences by testing longer video lengths, potentially reshaping content creation and consumption habits. Stay tuned for further updates on these developments.