NIX Solutions: YouTube Video Removal Due To A Large Number Of Complaints

YouTube employee Matt Kowal has dispelled a popular myth surrounding complaints and their impact on videos. He assured that the service does not automatically delete those videos for which a large number of reports of violations were received. All reported videos are reviewed.

A large number of complaints may lead to a stricter assessment, but nevertheless, the video will be verified by YouTube staff, says SearchEngines.

YouTube does not have a system that automatically deletes videos upon reaching a certain number of complaints. If the video violates the rules of the service, then measures will be taken as quickly as possible.

Possible actions could include adding an age limit for viewing, completely removing the video, and even blocking the channel that posted it, notes NIX Solutions.

YouTube understands that often users can complain about a video only because they don’t like it, which is why there is a content review process.

YouTube reserves the final decision to remove the video. If it does not break the rules, then it is unlikely to be removed.