NIX Solutions: YouTube Shorts Can Be Created From Other People’s Videos

YouTube has added a Cut feature that will allow you to create shorts from fragments of other people’s videos.

NIX Solutions

This and other updates were revealed by the YouTube team on the Creator Insider channel.

To use the Cut function, open the desired video, click “Cut a fragment from the video.”

Select the desired interval from 1 to 5 seconds.

And then add this segment to your short video.

Please note that your video will show a link to the original video.

Also, the YouTube team introduced two more updates:

  • Unlimited drafts – Previously, users could only save one draft.
  • Shorts Green Screen  – allows you to select up to 60 seconds of someone else’s video and use it as a background in Shorts.

NIX Solutions reminds that recently it became known that DeepMind collaborates with Google to improve YouTube using artificial intelligence.