NIX Solutions: Google Announced New Banner Format on YouTube

Google talked about a new banner Masthead on YouTube, which has an hourly rate of placement – this format is suitable for large brands. The company wrote about the new product in its blog.

NIX Solutions

Google recommends using Masthead to announce major brand launches: the release of a new movie, smartphone, mobile game, or collaboration. The banner is displayed in the most visible place on YouTube, and can be placed for one hour or more.

To see how such an ad will look on the YouTube home page, you need to connect your video asset in the Masthead preview tool.

Google promised that it will soon introduce Brand Lift, which will help evaluate the effectiveness of the Masthead banner, as well as add the ability to buy Mastheads on Google TV and YouTube at the same time.

NIX Solutions reminds that recently the YouTube team told what video content trends we will observe in 2023.