NIX Solutions: YouTube Tests New “Hype” Feature for Small Creators

YouTube is testing the new “Hype” feature in selected countries, allowing viewers to increase the likelihood that a video will appear in the ratings alongside other promoted videos. YouTube called the announcement of the feature a “new way for viewers to support their favorite creators.”

YouTube’s support page explains that Hype is similar to the Like and Share feature that already exists on the service. However, the official announcement also states that “Hype” is not used as an indicator of YouTube’s reach and discovery system.

NIX Solutions

Supporting Small Creators

The feature primarily aims to help small creators find new viewers and gain support from the community. Testing of this feature is currently limited to a subset of YouTube Partner Program creators who adhere to the Community Guidelines and have fewer than 500,000 followers. This initiative is part of YouTube’s ongoing efforts to provide more tools for smaller creators to thrive on the platform.

Regional Testing and Future Plans

The new feature is currently being tested in Brazil, Taiwan, and Turkey. It is not yet clear if “Hype” will be a paid feature. YouTube has stated that they will gather feedback in the coming days to determine if the feature will be expanded to other users, and if so, how. We’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding this feature and its potential expansion.

Videos that are trending appear in the Explore section instead of Trending. Additionally, viewers can only hype videos that have been posted in the last seven days. This limitation ensures that recent content gains visibility and support, notes NIX Solutions.

We will monitor the progress of this feature and share updates as they become available. Stay tuned for more information on YouTube’s new initiatives to support content creators.