NIX Solutions: X to Open API Access to European Researchers

X, post-acquisition of Twitter, underwent changes affecting API access and data availability, drawing scrutiny from European regulators. The DSA necessitates Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs) to provide data for researching systemic risks of public interest.

NIX Solutions

Compliance Deadline and DSA Provisions

Recognized as a significant information platform, X fell within the DSA’s jurisdiction, compelling compliance by the August deadline. Failure to adhere could result in fines amounting to 6% of global revenue.

Challenges and Obligations: Access to Data

While lacking an active research program, X must facilitate data access for authorized research purposes, in line with Article 40 of the DSA. Though plans for an academic access program were reported, their progress remains uncertain.

EU’s Criticism and Data Accessibility

EU officials, including top diplomat Josep Borrell, criticized X for impeding scientific research, particularly on disinformation, notes NIX Solutions. Officials sought information on content moderation amid geopolitical tensions.

Recent Updates: Compliance Measures

Recent adjustments in X’s developer terms suggest imminent access for EU researchers to licensed data, complying with DSA provisions. However, the scope of extending such access beyond the EU remains unclear.