NIX Solutions: X Rolls Out “Articles” for Verified Orgs & Premium+ Subscribers

The social network X is expanding its content creation options with the introduction of “Articles,” a feature allowing verified organizations and Premium+ subscribers to publish long-form content. This functionality provides a significant increase in character allowance compared to previous limitations.

NIX Solutions

Key Features of X’s “Articles”
  • Extensive Character Limit: “Articles” surpasses the 25,000-character limit offered to Premium plan subscribers. Early tests suggest a maximum length exceeding 100,000 characters, translating to roughly 15,000 words.
  • Basic Editing Tools: The feature includes a basic text editor with formatting options like bold, italics, strikethrough, subheadings, and bulleted/numbered lists. It also facilitates the insertion of media files, such as images and videos.
X’s Long-Form Content Journey

X’s foray into long-form content predates Elon Musk’s acquisition, reminds NIX Solutions. The platform experimented with “Notes” in 2022, hinting at their intention to offer extended publication formats. While Musk has expressed reservations towards journalists in the past, “Articles” suggest a potential avenue for more in-depth content creation on the platform.