NIX Solutions: X Optimizes Crowdsourced Fact-Checking with Community Notes

Understanding Community Notes: Enhancing Trust and Clarity

Social network X, formerly known as Twitter, has optimized the work of the crowdsourced fact-checking service Community Notes. Users who are familiar with this feature will no longer see unnecessary explanations about the reliability of published content.

NIX Solutions

Improving User Experience with Progressive Onboarding

X employee Lucas Neumann explains the new mechanism behind Community Notes (formerly Birdwatch). After three years of earning trust from users, X begins a “progressive onboarding” approach. Experienced users see simplified versions, while newcomers receive detailed explanations.

Membership and Consensus: Strengthening Fact-Checking Integrity

Community Notes became available to all X users in December 2022 as a tool to combat disinformation. The “binding” algorithm aims to find consensus among users with diverse perspectives, preventing conflicts. Membership requires proving writing ability and maintaining activity.

The innovation may seem minor, but it shows that X users are increasingly grasping the crowdsourced fact-checking concept. It was launched in December 2022 to counter disinformation and employs a “binding” algorithm to find consensus among users with diverse views.

A person must prove their writing ability by rating notes accurately to become a member of Community Notes, notes NIX Solutions. Members must regularly publish new materials to maintain their status. These materials are not editable or deletable by X administration and do not represent the company’s official point of view.