NIX Solutions: X Opened Audio and Video Calls to All Users

Social Platform X (formerly Twitter) introduced an audio and video calling feature akin to FaceTime and WhatsApp. Initially, this feature was restricted to users with a paid subscription to the social network. However, recent developments indicate a shift in accessibility.

Expanding Access to All Users:

Enrique Barragan, an engineer at Social Platform X, shared information about the gradual rollout of audio and video calling for all users, irrespective of their subscription status. This announcement was corroborated by X CEO Linda Yaccarino, who reposted Barragan’s update. The move aims to democratize access to communication features previously reserved for premium subscribers.

NIX Solutions

Premium Subscription Benefits:

X Premium, formerly known as Twitter Blue, traditionally granted subscribers exclusive privileges such as post editing, longer video uploads, extended post lengths, increased post reach, and reduced ad exposure. Despite these advantages, the recent shift ensures that the audio and video calling feature becomes a universal aspect of the platform.

Universal Access and Integration:

In the near future, all X users will be capable of making and receiving calls within the app. Integrated into the direct messaging feature, the calling functionality mirrors that of popular apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Leveraging the iOS CallKit API, users can expect to see incoming calls displayed on the lock screen, mirroring the experience of traditional calls.

Customization and Concerns:

While the introduction of audio and video calling has been met with general approval, concerns have been raised regarding potential unwanted calls, notes NIX Solutions. To address this, users can tailor their experience in the settings. Options include allowing calls solely from contacts, subscribed users, or verified accounts. Moreover, users can opt to disable the function entirely by toggling the “Enable audio and video calls” slider.

In conclusion, Social Platform X’s recent update marks a significant step towards inclusivity, ensuring that communication features are accessible to all users, regardless of subscription status. The platform’s commitment to user customization reflects a balanced approach to addressing concerns and preferences within its diverse user base.