NIXSolutions: X Gave Away Blue Checkmarks to Users with More than 2.5K Subscribers

Elon Musk recently announced some changes on Platform X regarding Premium status and user verification. Here’s what you need to know:

NIX Solutions

Expansion of Premium Status:

Musk unveiled that all Platform X users with more than 2,500 “verified subscribers” will receive Premium status. Moreover, those surpassing 5,000 such subscribers will be granted Premium+ status for free. These measures aim to enhance the social network’s appeal and broaden its audience base.

Mass Verification Rollout:

A notable surprise for the X community was the widespread issuance of verification blue checkmarks to users who hadn’t upgraded to paid Premium plans. This initiative aligns with Musk’s pledge to grant free Premium services access to accounts meeting or surpassing specific thresholds of paid subscribers. Consequently, verification became accessible to a broader user spectrum without any fee requirement. Peter Kafka from Business Insider shared a notification screenshot from X, indicating his assignment to Premium status, highlighting the unforeseen nature of this promotion.

Debate on Verification’s Significance:

Musk’s move triggered intense debates among users and experts, questioning verification’s value and role in today’s digital landscape. The automatic allocation of blue checkmarks without user initiation raises queries about their significance and impact on the platform’s status perception. Nonetheless, Musk’s action underscores his aim to widen the circle of privileged individuals on the platform, reinforcing its social significance, notes NIXSolutions.

Elon Musk’s recent actions on Platform X have sparked lively discussions. As developments unfold, we’ll keep you updated on the latest changes and reactions from the community.