NIX Solutions: Twitter Began to “Force” Users to Read Elon Musk’s Tweets

Since yesterday, for many Twitter users, the “For You” feed has become entirely composed of Elon Musk’s tweets and replies to them.

NIX Solutions

According to The Verge, this happened a few days after Musk complained that his tweets were not getting enough views, and even fired the lead engineer because of this.

Twitter users are unhappy that they are “forced” to read Musk’s tweets, even those who are not subscribed to the entrepreneur’s account. And for those who subscribe, the system still recommend him as a person suitable for subscribing, says SearchEngines.

Musk himself is aware of what is happening, judging by a tweet published today.

NIX Solutions notes that this tweet caused a new wave of indignation from users and many messages about the termination of further use of the service. Musk then posted a new tweet asking him to stay tuned “while we make adjustments to the uh… ‘algorithm’.”