NIX Solutions: TikTok Made Ad Campaign From Its User’s Video

TikTok has made a viral video the basis for its It Starts on TikTok campaign, reports ProPro. The Known creative group plans to launch advertisements during the broadcasts of the MLB and NBA playoffs.

The 15-second video shows footage of the acclaimed tiktok in which skater Nathan Apodaki (platform user 420doggface208) carelessly drinks Ocean Spray cranberry juice on the way home to the song “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.

According to Tiktoker, his car broke down that day, and he had to return from work on a skateboard this way. The original video now has more than 29 million views. Many users have filmed parodies of it. Among them, you can find versions from one of the performers of the soundtrack, drummer Mick Fleetwood, as well as Ocean Spray’s director of global corporate relations Chris Furzley.

Earlier, thanks to the popular video, the beverage maker gathered many fans around him, who now swear loyalty to the brand, according to The Drum.

While global corporations are spending millions of dollars to promote themselves, Ocean Spray’s shares jumped in value in just one night through a flash mob on TikTok, notes NIX Solutions. The company has already presented its random ambassador with a new car, the interior of which was filled with bottles of brand juice.

Ocean Spray was not the only winner in this story, as Fleetwood Mac’s song hit the world charts and topped the top of iTunes again, 43 years after its release. The single aired 8.47 million times in the United States, an all-time record for a streaming platform.