NIXsolutions: TikTok to Introduce Automatic Subtitles

TikTok is set to make a significant accessibility upgrade, introducing automatic subtitles to all videos as the default setting from next month. Notifications regarding this change have already started to reach users.

No Option to Disable Default Subtitles

While the platform already offers the option to add automatic subtitles to videos, this feature will soon be enabled for every video. Importantly, the publication settings section will no longer provide the option to disable this feature.

NIX Solutions

TikTok’s Statement on the Change

According to TikTok, users will retain the flexibility to activate or deactivate automatic subtitles for any videos posted prior to November 2023. However, from that point forward, default subtitles will be incorporated into all videos. TikTok’s intention behind this move is to foster inclusivity and ensure everyone can utilize the app without any limitations.

Creators will still have the ability to edit and delete subtitles after publication. Nevertheless, the option to turn off subtitles before publishing will no longer be available.

This step underscores TikTok’s commitment to making content on the platform accessible to individuals with hearing impairments, as well as those who regularly watch TikTok with the sound turned off, notes NIXsolutions. Initially, automatic subtitles will be introduced by default on all English-language videos, followed by support for other languages.