NIXSOLUTIONS: TikTok Tests AI-Powered Search Highlights

TikTok, as reported by The Verge, is currently experimenting with a new search feature named Search Highlights, powered by generative AI.

NIX Solutions

AI-Generated Results

In this trial, a snippet of AI-generated results is displayed at the top of select TikTok search result pages. Upon clicking, users are directed to a separate page providing a more detailed answer. The explanation clarifies that these results are generated through ChatGPT and are displayed based on the algorithm’s relevance to the user’s search query. However, it’s important to note that this feature is currently limited, and not all queries will yield AI-generated search results.

Non-AI Feature

Interestingly, TikTok already incorporates a similar feature that doesn’t explicitly indicate the use of AI. This list also appears at the top of search results, though its data source remains unclear. Despite attempts to seek clarification, TikTok has yet to respond to inquiries regarding this matter.

Expanding Search Functionality

It appears TikTok is capitalizing on the emerging trend, particularly among younger users, of utilizing the platform as a search engine for seeking answers to various queries. By integrating AI-generated search results above creators’ content, TikTok aims to further engage its audience and enhance the utility of its video service, concludes NIXSOLUTIONS.

As TikTok continues to refine and expand its search capabilities, we’ll keep you updated on any developments or announcements from the platform.