NIXSolutions: TikTok Overtakes Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts in Terms of Engagement

Platforms for video content: comparative analysis

1. TikTok: Top Engagement
  • TikTok noticeably outperforms Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts in the number of comments under videos.
  • The average user engagement on TikTok is 5.53%, thanks to viral videos driving followers and comments.NIX Solutions
2. Instagram Reels: Highest View Rate
  • Instagram Reels has the highest view rate.
  • Brands with a large audience are actively using Reels, as the number of followers plays an important role in Instagram.
3. YouTube Shorts: Search and Recommendation Tool
  • YouTube Shorts is an effective search and recommendation tool.
  • Viewing Shorts on the YouTube home page leads to a recommendation to the user of full-length content, helping to increase subscribers and views of long videos on the channel.

Comparative statistics:

  • Average engagement on YouTube Shorts: around 3.80%.
  • Average engagement on Instagram Reels: 4.36%.
  • Average engagement on TikTok: 5.53%.

Content Posting Frequency:

  • TikTok: 16 videos per month.
  • Instagram Reels: 9 videos per month.
  • YouTube Shorts: 7 videos per month.

This benchmarking analysis allows you to understand how each platform performs in engagement, views, and content sharing. It will help you decide on the most suitable platform for your video marketing strategy.