NIXSolutions: Threads’ Recent Surge in Downloads

Threads, Instagram’s response to Twitter (also known as X), has seen a substantial increase in downloads, nearly doubling in just a few days. This surge predates Elon Musk’s decision to part ways with all his advertisers.

Meta’s Dedication to Threads

Meta’s considerable investment in Threads’ development contributes significantly to this spike. However, the question remains: Does Threads truly deliver? According to available data, it does indeed!

NIX Solutions

Comparing Download Statistics

In direct comparison, Threads outpaces X by nearly double the number of downloads. AppFigures estimates that since September, X garnered 27 million new downloads while Threads surged ahead with 41 million.

Inclusive Download Figures

These figures encompass downloads of Twitter Lite, yet to undergo rebranding.

Global Download Statistics

The largest chunk of Threads’ recent downloads comes from India, comprising 11.2%, equivalent to 9.2 million installations. The USA closely follows with 7.4%, tallying 6.1 million downloads.

India’s Significance and Early Lead

India has historically been instrumental in Instagram’s growth, explaining its substantial contribution to Threads’ downloads. However, its early lead is a noteworthy surprise.

Global Trends in X’s Downloads

In contrast, while the US isn’t the primary source for new X downloads, Indonesia takes the lead, followed by India and then the US. Curiously, the combined downloads of these three countries fall short of India’s sole contribution to Threads’ downloads.

Predictions and Implications

The eventual winner in this competitive race remains uncertain, notes NIXSolutions. However, it’s evident that Twitter’s momentum has waned post-rebranding, making a recovery challenging. Had the rebranding not occurred, Twitter might have been outpacing Threads by now.