NIX Solutions: Content Can Be Claimed on Pinterest

Pinterest has introduced the ContentClaimingPortal, a new tool that allows copyright holders to claim ownership of content and decide how it can be used on social media.

NIX Solutions

The new tool allows copyright owners to remove existing versions of their content and prevent new versions from being published, says NetMedia. For now, this is only possible for images.

Testing has shown that ContentClaimingPortal is an effective tool for monitoring content usage.

To claim content, you will need to fill out a form. In it, the service asks to provide contact information and links to those sources that allow you to confirm the copyright for the content.

If the application is approved, the content owner will be able to choose one of three available actions for their content:

  • Personal content only. Existing and future versions of these images are removed from Pinterest, except for the Pins originally saved by the author.
  • Website content only. Existing and future versions of images are removed from Pinterest, except for Pins that lead to verified site(s). This option will only be available if the copyright holder has such a site.
  • Blocking all content. All existing and future versions of images are removed from Pinterest.

In the future, copyright holders will be able to claim rights to additional content without submitting an application, notes NIX Solutions. To do this, they only need to upload an image they own, and Pinterest will use it to block and remove matching versions.

If the application is rejected, then the content author will have the opportunity to challenge this decision within 30 days.

Disputes are also possible if two or more authors claim the rights to the same image. In such cases, Pinterest will require evidence in the form of a court order.