NIXsolutions: TikTok Introduces Labeling for AI-Generated Content

Short video platform TikTok has introduced a new feature to boost transparency and credibility in content creation.

Disclosure Requirement

Under these fresh guidelines, content creators must explicitly indicate if their material is AI-generated. When users create a video or photo, they will be prompted to activate the tagging feature, with an “AI” label displayed beneath the username in the video’s lower left corner. Content lacking this disclosure may face removal.


Automatic Labeling and Renaming

TikTok is also planning to test automatic labeling for all AI content. This step aligns with the platform’s commitment to transparency and counteracting the dissemination of fake content, which includes AI-generated songs and videos featuring celebrities.

Furthermore, TikTok has mandated creators of AI-based filters and effects to incorporate “AI” in their names. For example, the Bold Glamor face filter will undergo a renaming process.

TikTok’s goal is to establish an environment where users can confidently differentiate between real and AI-generated content, concludes NIXsolutions. This initiative helps combat the spread of misinformation and preserves user trust in the platform.