NIXSOLUTIONS: Meta Launches A/B Testing Tools for Reels

Meta has introduced a suite of Reels A/B testing tools designed to empower creators with the ability to compare various header and cover options in a mobile app, determining which is more effective at attracting audiences.


How to A/B Test Reels Covers and Captions:

When conducting an A/B test for Reels thumbnails and descriptions, the social network will present each version of the video to your initial audience. The best-performing version is determined by the one garnering the most responses within a 30-minute timeframe.

Here’s how to conduct an A/B test for Reels covers and captions:

  1. Record a video or upload a finished one, following your usual process.
  2. Before publishing, choose the “Test Signature” option.
  3. Input up to four video description options. Similarly, you can test Reels covers.
  4. After completing the testing process, the results are displayed in the professional panel. The best option automatically starts appearing on your profile and in the recommendations feed for a broader audience. You can also select to display it yourself.

This significant update is a valuable tool for creators and businesses to enhance their effectiveness by identifying what resonates with their audience and adjusting their content creation approach accordingly.

NIXSOLUTIONS notes that these new features are currently accessible on the Facebook mobile app, although the blog post does not specify when they will be available on Instagram.