NIXsolutions: Meta Introduces Enhanced Video Player for Facebook

Developers at Meta Platforms have revealed the introduction of an improved video player within Facebook mobile applications. This update aims to provide users with a more seamless experience when viewing vertical videos, akin to those found on platforms like TikTok or Reels.


Enhanced Viewing Experience

The newly implemented default player is designed to showcase content from Reels, Facebook Live, and longer videos in full-screen portrait mode. Initially, this feature will be accessible to users of the iOS version of the Facebook application in the United States and Canada. We’ll keep you updated as the rollout extends to more regions over the coming months.

Seamless Transition between Vertical and Horizontal Videos

Previously, Facebook employed various formats for video playback. With this update, the player automatically prioritizes vertical videos while also accommodating most horizontal videos in portrait orientation. Simply rotate your device to seamlessly switch between orientations.

Visual Improvements and Enhanced Controls

Additionally, the new Facebook player boasts visual enhancements, including the addition of a slider at the bottom of the player for quick navigation through the video, notes NIXsolutions. Users will also appreciate the new controls, allowing for easy pause and the ability to return to previously viewed segments.

Stay tuned for further updates as Meta Platforms continues to refine the video viewing experience on Facebook mobile.