NIXSolutions: Instagram Tests New Feature

Instagram is testing a new feature that aims to help users connect with others who share similar interests. The new process is designed to make it easier for users to engage in conversations and build communities around their passions.

NIX Solutions

How it Works

The new feature works by prompting users to select topics that they are interested in, such as cooking, fitness, or music. Instagram will then suggest accounts to follow and groups to join based on those interests. Users can also search for specific topics or browse through a list of suggested categories.


The new feature could help users discover new accounts and communities that they may not have found otherwise. It also provides a way for users to engage in meaningful conversations and build connections around shared interests.

Implications for Brands

The new feature could also have implications for brands looking to reach a targeted audience. By creating content around specific interests and engaging with users in related communities, brands could potentially reach a more engaged and relevant audience.

The new feature is currently being tested by Instagram and is not yet available to all users, notes NIXSolutions. However, if successful, it could provide a powerful tool for building community and fostering engagement on the platform.