NIX Solutions: Instagram’s New Feature for Trial Reels

Instagram is testing a new feature that allows creators to experiment with Reels without committing to displaying them on their profiles. This feature could give Instagram a possible advantage over TikTok by providing a way for creators to test new content. Last week, the company began global testing of this feature, aiming to give creators the ability to explore different types of content or be more creative by publishing Reels that aren’t shown to their followers.

NIX Solutions

After a video is published using this feature, Instagram shares performance information with the creator, including views, likes, comments, and shares. Based on this information, the creator can decide whether to share the video with their followers or archive it. This feature, spotted among select creators, evolved from a previous test of the “Experiment mode,” first discovered by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi in April. Similar to the experimental Reels, the “Experiment mode” also allowed creators to publish Reels that would only be shown to those who are not their followers.

A screenshot posted by Paluzzi on Instagram states that even though the clip won’t be visible on his profile, followers will still be able to see it if someone shares it directly with them. It also states that the clip will be archived after 24 hours if the creator chooses not to share it publicly. However, in current tests, Instagram is experimenting with different iterations of the feature, which may include different lengths of time before a video is archived. Based on this experience, the final version of the feature may still change. Creators will know if they’re in the test because they’ll see a notification about the feature when they want to publish a video.

The Impact and Future of Trial Reels

Instagram declined to comment on the testing of the new feature. “We’re always exploring the different ways creators express themselves on Instagram, but we don’t have much to share at this time,” said a Meta spokesperson. The social network is developing the feature in response to feedback from creators who said the app’s algorithm was negatively impacting their reach, leading to complaints. Trial Reels can potentially help users grow their following by giving them the opportunity to experiment with what works and what doesn’t, notes NIX Solutions.

Trial Reels are tested worldwide with selected creators who have a professional account. Access to this feature is not limited by the number of followers or other metrics. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments as Instagram continues to refine and test this feature.