NIXSolutions: Instagram Unveils “Friends Map” Feature for Real-Time Location Sharing

Instagram is set to revolutionize user interaction with the upcoming “Friends Map” feature, mirroring Snapchat’s Snap Map. This revelation comes from the discerning eye of reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, a frequent discoverer of features in their developmental stages.

NIX Solutions

Emulating Success: Snapchat and Apple Influences

Instagram’s trend of adopting successful features continues, with Friends Map potentially replicating Snapchat’s Snap Map and Apple’s Find Me feature. The latter allows users to track the real-time locations of friends and family. Instagram’s strategy seems geared towards keeping users engaged within the app and away from rival services.

A Bid for Zenly Fans

With the demise of Zenly, a social mapping app acquired and shut down by Snap last year, Instagram sees an opportunity to capture the attention of users who were once fans of the now-defunct platform.

Privacy at the Core: Customizable Settings

Screenshots shared by Paluzzi on Threads platform reveal key features of Friends Map, emphasizing privacy controls. Users can decide who sees their location, with end-to-end encryption ensuring secure handling of location data. The introduction of a “Ghost Mode” further enhances user privacy by concealing the last active location.

Interactive Messaging: Introducing “Notes”

Friends Map goes beyond simple location sharing; it introduces “Notes” functionality, allowing users to leave short messages on the map, notes NIXSolutions. This novel feature enables users to share updates, such as discovering interesting places or providing insights into their current dining experience.