NIX Solutions: Facebook Updated Messenger and Instagram Direct

Facebook has updated the messaging functionality in Messenger and Instagram Direct. Among the main changes are new topics, the ability to reply to a message using a photo or video, and others.

New features in Facebook Messenger

Chat archive

Users can now clear their inbox messages without deleting chats or losing their chat history, says SearchEngines.

NIX Solutions

You can move the chat to the archive by swiping to the left. A purple button will appear, when clicked, the chat will be sent to the new Archived Chats folder.

You can go to Archived Chats by clicking on your profile photo in the Messenger mobile application and selecting this item.

Voice message recording

The developers have also made it easier to record voice messages. Now, instead of long pressing the microphone button, you can press it once to start recording, and with another press to stop.

This feature is currently only launching on Messenger, but will soon appear on Instagram as well.

New Topics

Messenger users have more options to personalize their chats with new themes. Among them are Star Wars and Selena.

These themes are also available on Instagram Direct, notes NIX Solutions.

New features in Instagram Direct

Visual responses

This feature allows users to reply to messages using photos or videos. The new feature is currently only available on iOS, but will soon also appear on Android.

Message read status

Users will now be able to see if their message has been read. The corresponding signature will appear under it.

This information was available before, but to view it, you had to open a chat. Now the status of the message will be displayed in the general list.