NIX Solutions: Instagram Recognizes Insults in DMs

The developers of the social network Instagram are very actively working to provide their community with a greater degree of protection from various offensive messages, harassment, incitement to hatred on various grounds and other unpleasant moments. And on April 21, the network employees presented two new tools at once to simplify the life of many users, reports TrashBox. The first tool allows you to block a user and prohibit him from contacting a person from any other account, which, in theory, allows you to get rid of harassment on the Internet.

How exactly this tool is implemented, the developers did not specify, but, most likely, it can be bypassed. In addition, the developers reported that for a long time they were unable to pay due attention to the moderation of users’ private messages, since this is a private sector in which network employees do not interfere. Accordingly, if in the comments on Instagram the system automatically blocks messages with various forbidden words or expressions, then it was not possible to automatically implement this in personal correspondence. But from today, such an opportunity has been implemented – this is the second presented tool.

Now the user can activate automatic filtering of request messages sent by unfamiliar users in the settings. If these messages contain various offensive words or phrases, as well as emoticons, the request will be automatically blocked – the recipient will not even see it. NIX Solutions explains that this system works in the same way as a filter for comments, but the user can additionally create his own list of forbidden words and phrases in order to manually improve the standard filter system.