NIX Solutions: Clubhouse No Longer Needs Invitations

The Clubhouse app is now officially available to everyone and does not require invitations. Now anyone can use the app, and that could revive its popularity, states IT-Here.

NIX Solutions

The number of users on the Clubhouse waiting list has reached 10 million. Not all users will be added to the application at once, this will happen gradually, notes NIX Solutions.

On the Clubhouse blog, they talked about why an invite system was needed at all:

The invite system is an important part of our early history. By adding people in waves, we were able to control the growth in popularity of the Clubhouse and ensure the correct operation of the applications. However, we have always wanted Clubhouse to be an open platform. Everyone in the world should have access to interesting conversations.

In February, the number of downloads of the application exceeded 8 million, but then its popularity fell. In April, Clubhouse’s downloads dropped to 900,000. In addition, there was competition. Perhaps now the application will regain its former popularity.