NIX Solutions: Branded Content on Facebook Reels is Now Available to Everyone

This week, Meta globally rolled out branded content on Facebook Reels, enabling creators to apply the branded content tagging tool (“Paid Partnership With”) to Reels in regular posts, with tagged brands getting the option to convert those Reels into branded content ads.

NIX Solutions

The company explained in a blog post: “All creator content that uses or promotes a brand or product in exchange for something (such as money or gifts) must also be labeled as a business. Once flagged, the business partner will be notified and will receive certain metrics about the post.”

Creators who follow Meta’s affiliate monetization policy are eligible to use the branded content tool if they also follow the company’s branded content policy, which prohibits the promotion of certain types of content and recommends best practices for promoting certain limited categories of content, says MMR.

Meta has provided a branded Facebook Reels Setup Guide with step-by-step instructions and more detailed feature information, notes NIX Solutions.

Branded content ads for Reels debuted on Instagram last October.