NIX Solutions: Bluesky Unveils Open Registration

Bluesky, the blockchain-based social network, has officially opened its doors for open registration, eliminating the need for invitations. Having employed an invitation system during its testing phase over the past year, Bluesky has now completed its testing and is prepared to welcome a larger user base.

Testing Completion and Open Registration:

The shift from an invitation-based system to open registration marks a significant milestone for Bluesky. The invitation system was initially implemented during the testing phase when core functionalities were under development. Now, with testing complete, Bluesky aims to attract new users and enhance the engagement of existing ones who may have been less active.


Interface and Functionality:

Bluesky’s interface draws similarities to platforms like X and Threads, but it distinguishes itself by being blockchain-based and operating on its proprietary AT Protocol algorithm. Users can subscribe to various feeds, each employing algorithms that prioritize popular posts across the network or those liked by their connections. Additionally, themed feeds cater to specific interests, such as science or art.

Decentralized Protocol and Future Development:

Looking ahead, Bluesky envisions a decentralized protocol empowering users to “create their own versions of Bluesky” with personalized rules and algorithms. Drawing an analogy to email services, Bluesky’s CEO, Jay Graber, envisions a future where users can communicate seamlessly across different instances of the platform, notes NIX Solutions.

Bluesky’s Journey and Independence:

Initiated in 2019 under the leadership of Jack Dorsey, while he was Twitter’s CEO, Bluesky received $13 million in seed capital from Twitter. The project gained independence in 2021, commencing testing in October 2022. Invitation-based registration was introduced in May 2023, coinciding with increased demand following Twitter’s tweet-viewing limit announcement on July 1 of the same year. The overwhelming response even led to a temporary suspension of new account registrations by Bluesky.