NIX Solutions: Artifact App Got Discontinuated

Artifact, an innovative app harnessing artificial intelligence for personalized news suggestions, recently faced a significant setback. Despite catering to a dedicated user base, CEO Kevin Systrom revealed in a blog post that the market opportunity fell short of justifying further investment.


Closure Details and Reading Mode

Effective immediately, Artifact users are restricted from adding new comments or posts. However, the app will continue to function in “reading mode” until the end of February, providing users with a limited window to access existing content.

The Journey from Instagram to Artifact

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, renowned for creating Instagram and subsequently selling it for $750 million, ventured into the development of Artifact after leaving Facebook in 2018. Their new startup aimed at pioneering next-gen social applications resulted in Artifact’s launch in February of the following year.

Challenges and Moderation Woes

Artifact’s evolution included cutting-edge features such as AI article summaries and clickbait headline flags. However, the platform struggled with moderation demands for posts and comments, as the company lacked the necessary manpower. In response, Systrom shared that the eight-person team responsible for Artifact would be disbanded, redirecting his focus towards new AI-driven projects.

Looking Ahead

As Artifact bids farewell, Kevin Systrom envisions a future centered on creating innovative AI products, notes NIX Solutions. The discontinuation decision serves as a strategic shift, emphasizing the founders’ commitment to exploring new horizons in artificial intelligence.