NIXsolutions: YouTube Improved Search Results

YouTube has significantly improved its search results. The developers made them more visual, and also expanded the range of returned content and added a few more useful features.

Major changes:

  • Improved visual presentation;
  • Automatic translation into other languages;
  • Google search results integration.


More visual results

Now it will be easier for users to understand what the video is about before moving on to it.

The search results page is now more descriptive. Instead of a static thumbnail, users can now see a preview of each video as they scroll down the page, says SearchEngines.

This feature has already been launched on desktops and will soon be available on mobile devices as well.

Additionally, video chapters (if available) will now appear in YouTube search results. This will allow users to navigate to the desired snippet directly from the SERP.

This feature is already working in Google search and will now also launch on YouTube.

Automatic translation

YouTube will automatically translate video titles, descriptions and captions. As a result, more content will be available to users – regardless of the language they use.

However, YouTube will not return translated content for all requests, notes NIXsolutions. It will only display under certain conditions. For example, YouTube will show such content if it cannot find relevant videos in the user’s language.

At the first stage, YouTube will supplement the search results with English-language videos, and in the future it plans to add content in other languages.

Ultimately, video hosting wants to make all content available through automatic translation.

Google YouTube search results

The developers have also integrated Google search results into YouTube – albeit so far only on a limited scale.

YouTube is experimenting with displaying search results from Google when there is not enough video content on the platform to satisfy the request.

This feature is currently being launched on mobile devices in India and Indonesia. In the future, YouTube plans to expand it to other countries.