NIXsolutions: YouTube Added 5 New Features for Creators

YouTube has added a number of new features for creators. They will now have more data to analyze, as well as more control over ads and video chapters. This is reported in a new video from the service team on the Creator Insider channel.


What’s new:

  • Evergreen video statistics;
  • Trending hashtags;
  • Adsense ad blocking settings;
  • Bulk editing of video chapters;
  • Opportunity to challenge the yellow monetization badge in the Creative Studio mobile application.

Evergreen video statistics

Evergreen video refers to content that remains popular over a long period of time.

The statistics for these videos were first presented as an experiment last month. The update is now running for all authors, notes NIXsolutions.

Access to this data is intended to assist authors in monthly analysis of channel performance.

Trending hashtags

In the “Navigator” section, trending hashtags, which are showing the fastest growth among users, are now displayed.

For now, this feature is only available to mobile users in the United States, says SearchEngines.

Settings for Adsense ad blocking

YouTube has provided creators with the ability to better manage their Adsense ads. They can now specify which specific ads or ad types should not appear on their channel.

Bulk editing video chapters

YouTube recently launched the automatic addition of chapters for videos uploaded to the service. YouTube is now expanding this feature to all videos. It is enabled by default.

To give creators better control over this feature, YouTube has provided the ability to enable or disable the addition of chapters through bulk editing of the upload list.

Chapters can also be disabled during download, in the metadata editor, and for all future downloads by default. It should be noted that even if the author has allowed to automatically add chapters to all videos, this does not mean that they will be shown in each of them. It depends on whether the algorithm can identify chapters and whether they are appropriate for the given content.

Authors can also manually add chapters to their videos.

Opportunity to challenge the yellow monetization badge in YouTube Studio Mobile

A yellow icon means monetization is limited. YouTube will soon be able to challenge the yellow monetization badges through the Creative Studio mobile app, not just the desktop version of the service.

All members of the YouTube Partner Program will have access to this option by the end of September.