NIX Solutions: YouTube Glitch Causes Confusion Among Users

Users of the web version of YouTube encountered a strange glitch the day before: when they clicked the “Like” button with a thumbs up, it simply disappeared. The functionality of the feature was not affected, as the likes counter continued to grow, but after clicking, the button vanished, leaving behind an empty gray field.

NIX Solutions

Widespread Issue Confirmed by Users

The problem was widespread, as confirmed by numerous users of the video platform across various videos and browsers. Google, which owns YouTube, acknowledged the problem and published a message on the platform’s technical support page confirming that the “Like” button “does not work as intended,” adds NIX Solutions. Additionally, it was confirmed that the failure affected only the web version, with the button working normally in the app. “Don’t worry, whether the icon is displayed or not, the video will still get likes,” Google assured YouTube users.

Issue Resolution and Reassurance

Some time later, the company reported that the problem had been fixed. “The glitch has been fixed. Thank you for your patience,” stated the same technical support page. It is noteworthy that this is not the first time this glitch has occurred; Reddit users reported a similar problem several months ago. We’ll keep you updated if similar issues arise again.