NIXsolutions: Twitter Launches Ticketed Spaces Paid Audio Chats

Twitter announced the limited launch of Spaces paid audio chats. Individual organizers will now be able to sell tickets to such events. The new feature is called Ticketed Spaces.


The new feature was open to applications in June for users over 18 who have had more than three audio chats in the last 30 days and have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers, says SearchEngines.

So far, the service is experimenting with new functionality on iOS, but in the near future it plans to open access to Ticketed Spaces to all users of the service.

Twitter previously said it would charge 3% of what users earn from Ticketed Spaces. However, since this feature is currently only launched on iOS, the service will have to pay Apple a 30% commission, so event organizers will only be able to receive 67% of ticket sales, notes NIXsolutions.

When the total income of the organizers for the entire period of using Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows (paid subscriptions) exceeds $50 thousand, then Twitter will increase the commission from 3% to 20%.