NIXSolutions: Twitter Launches New Advertising Features

Twitter announced the launch of three new advertising features designed to improve the effectiveness of campaigns aimed at driving traffic to the site.

Optimization for site traffic

Site Visit Optimization is a new optimization goal for displaying ads to the audience that is most likely to complete the targeted action: visiting the site.


During testing, the new target outperformed existing options and reduced the cost per visit by an average of 31%, says SearchEngines.

Aggregated dimensions

The new Aggregated Measurement feature provides conversion metrics for audiences that have opted out of being tracked on iOS. It can help you get a more detailed picture of campaign performance.

In tests, this feature resulted in a 31% increase in Ads Manager conversions.

Event Manager

Events Manager is a new tool that advertisers can use to manage their tracking tag (Twitter Website Tag) and related web conversion events.

NIXSolutions ntes that later this year, Twitter also plans to integrate in-app events into Events Manager.