NIXSolutions: Twitter Explained New Privacy Policy Through Game

Twitter has updated its privacy policy to clarify how it handles your data. But not all users will want to read boring legal chatter. Therefore, Twitter took a modern approach, turning it into a game called Data Dash.


The social network launched the Data Dash game that should help the user understand more complex parts of the new privacy policy, says TechToday. Basically, it’s a simple platformer where you manage your dog’s data around unwanted ads, navigate spam messages, and avoid trolls. Complete the level and you’ll learn more about the Twitter approach and how you can control it on social media.

Data Dash doesn’t challenge hardened gamers and the mechanics are a bit rough. Visually, it is made in the nostalgic style of 8-bit retro consoles.

NIXSolutions notes that although the game is short, the problems it deals with are potentially serious. Therefore, Data Dash is more for beginners and others who want to quickly understand the concepts of privacy before diving into the depths of legal intricacies.