NIX Solutions: Twitter Sets Record for Daily Audience Growth

With the advent of Elon Musk, the social network shows an increase in monthly indicators. If last week was marked by mass layoffs for Twitter, then this week proves once again that it will never be the same. Elon Musk plans to add more and more new features and monetize the platform – this is said by various sources and his plans to change teams. But as negative as the market outlook is, daily user growth has increased dramatically since Musk took over.

NIX Solutions

According to internal research presented to advertisers, the daily user audience of the platform increased by an average of 20% in annual terms. In the United States, the largest market for Twitter, the growth rate of daily user audience is even higher. Since the end of the second quarter, the number of daily users eligible for monetization has grown by 15 million to over 250 million.

What are the concerns?

Advertisers are still being put off by negative user comments with new leadership and new content moderation policies. Twitter representatives assure them that moderation will not change until a special committee is created to form and control it.

This is a bit contrary to the actions of Musk himself. So, the social network has already introduced strict measures against users impersonating other people (namely Elon Musk).

“Any Twitter user engaging in impersonation without a clear “parody” intent will be permanently banned,” wrote Elon Musk.

And if before the blocking, users received warnings, then after the introduction of the possibility of verifying warnings, there will be no more warnings. At the same time, he emphasized that any change in the name in the Twitter Blue account profile will lead to the temporary deprivation of the verification badge.

NIX Solutions notes that the new rule appears to have been introduced without the approval of the special committee. But no changes have been seen in Twitter itself yet.