NIXsolutions: Twitter Brings Back Verification Mark for Top Accounts

Twitter has brought back its blue verification mark for prominent accounts, regardless of whether they paid for the service or not. This move follows the company’s decision to pause its verification program in 2021 after it was criticized for verifying accounts associated with hate speech and misinformation.

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Reinstating Verification Mark for High-Profile Accounts

Twitter announced on Sunday that it would start rolling out the blue verification mark to accounts that meet its new criteria. The mark will indicate that an account is authentic and has been verified by Twitter, which can help users distinguish real accounts from fake ones.

The company has stated that it will prioritize accounts that are “notable and active,” such as those belonging to government officials, journalists, and companies. Accounts with a large following and a high level of engagement will also be considered.

No Longer Paying for Verification

Previously, Twitter charged users a fee to apply for verification, which included a review of their account and a decision by Twitter’s verification team. However, the company has now made the process free and open to all users who meet the new criteria.

The decision to make verification free is expected to increase the number of verified accounts on the platform, which could help users build trust and credibility with their followers.

Twitter’s decision to bring back the verification mark is a step towards making the platform more transparent and trustworthy, says the company. By verifying accounts that are active and notable, Twitter can help users distinguish real accounts from fake ones, which can reduce the spread of misinformation and improve the overall user experience.