NIX Solutions: TikTok Surpasses Facebook in Popularity in the US

The video service TikTok bypassed the social network Facebook in the amount of time spent in the application by American users.

According to the App Annie Intelligence service, in 2020, Android smartphone users in the United States spent an average of about 21 hours a month on TikTok, while on Facebook only 17 hours.

These figures were achieved amid reports of a possible blocking of TikTok in the United States by the administration of ex-President Donald Trump, which saw a “Chinese threat” on the social network. As a solution to the problem, a partial or full sale of TikTok to American companies was assumed. Following Trump’s departure from the presidency, TikTok owner ByteDance backed out of the deal.

TikTok currently has the strongest new user growth of any social media platform in the world, with an increase of about 38% over the past two years. In total, about 689 million TikTok users are registered in the world, concludes NIX Solutions.

At the same time, ByteDance is not going to limit itself to the development of video hosting: in March, it was announced about the upcoming appearance of group chats on TikTok, which should increase the potential audience of the application, as well as keep the existing one in the application longer. In the Chinese version, Douyin, this feature is available from 2019.