NIX Solutions: TikTok Suspends Rewards Program Amid European Commission Investigation

TikTok has temporarily suspended its program to reward users of the Lite version of the app for activities within the app, as the European Commission fears the “development of addiction” in children.

NIX Solutions

European Commission Investigation

Launched a couple of weeks ago in two EU countries, the TikTok Lite app includes a feature that rewards users for various activities, including watching videos. European regulators have launched an investigation, accusing developers that it could contribute to addiction – especially among young people. TikTok today suspended its EU rewards program pending an investigation.

Lite App and Its Features

The TikTok Lite app is designed as a “lite” alternative to the main TikTok app, designed for use on slow internet connections. It has been available in some regions of Asia for several years, and as of this month in France and Spain. The app has a “rewards center” where users receive “coins” for activities including logging in and watching ads. Coins can be used to earn rewards such as Amazon vouchers and PayPal gift cards. However, to earn at least something noticeable, you will have to spend a lot of time – for example, an hour of watching a video in the application is rewarded with €0.36 ($0.38), notes NIX Solutions.

EU’s Concerns

Referring to the EU’s Digital Services Act, the European Commission said that such incentives could have an “addictive effect”, especially in children. In a conversation with Reuters, a TikTok representative stressed that the feature is not available to users under 18 years of age, but the European Commission believes that TikTok’s protection mechanisms are insufficient to prevent children from registering.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding TikTok’s Lite app rewards program in Europe.