NIXsolutions: TikTok is Creating Its Autonomous American Version

TikTok has begun work on creating an American version of the application. This move responds to pressure from US lawmakers concerned that the Chinese company ByteDance, which owns TikTok, could use the personal data of American users for its state’s benefit.


Developing an Independent Algorithm

Work has started on a clone of the recommendation algorithm, which could lead to a version that runs independently of ByteDance. This development aims to present a more palatable option for US lawmakers who are considering a ban on the app. The bill proposing the ban was signed by American authorities in April.

According to insiders, hundreds of programmers are currently working on the project. They must analyze millions of lines of TikTok code to identify the parts that will be used in the American version. According to the company, this is a very labor-intensive process that will take at least one year. The goal is to completely separate TikTok’s US operation from China’s ByteDance. Once completed, the American version of the application will function autonomously, without access to Chinese user data and without the possibility of influence from the Chinese authorities.

Challenges and Legal Battles

However, there are concerns that separating from the main development team in China could negatively impact the productivity and engagement of TikTok’s American audience. ByteDance’s Chinese engineers are currently responsible for supporting, modernizing, and updating the key algorithms of the application.

Meanwhile, TikTok and ByteDance intend to fight in court against a new US law requiring the forced sale of their assets in the US, adds NIXsolutions. They believe that the law violates the company’s rights. However, work will continue to create an independent American version in case the law cannot be repealed in court. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this project and any developments in the legal battle.