NIXSolutions: TikTok Encourages Horizontal Videos for Longer Content

TikTok, the widely popular short-form video platform, appears to be nudging users towards a shift in content creation. Recent guidelines suggest a preference for horizontal videos exceeding a minute, sparking curiosity among content creators.

NIX Solutions

Platform Recommendations:

According to emerging recommendations, TikTok now actively “promotes” horizontal videos longer than a minute within a swift 72-hour window from their publication. Notably, this initiative extends to content creators with a tenure of over three months on the platform, excluding content of political or promotional nature. Despite these shifts, TikTok’s official representatives have refrained from offering any formal comments on this development.

Transition towards YouTube-like Features:

The move towards horizontal video emphasis aligns with TikTok’s broader strategy, seemingly mirroring features synonymous with YouTube. As the majority of TikTok users engage via smartphones, traditionally favoring vertical videos, this innovation represents a strategic shift. Simultaneously, TikTok is experimenting with extended video durations, testing a 30-minute video publishing function. It’s noteworthy that YouTube’s longer video trend is primarily driven by monetization policies rather than user preferences.

Monetization Initiatives:

This isn’t the first time TikTok has encouraged longer content creation, notes NIXSolutions. The recently introduced Series paywall empowers users to curate collections of videos, with a maximum duration of 20 minutes, accessible to paid subscribers. Users maintain autonomy over pricing, ranging from $1 to $190 for access to their exclusive content.

As TikTok continues to evolve its features, the emphasis on horizontal videos and extended durations reflects a strategic alignment with platforms like YouTube. While these changes may signal a shift in content dynamics, user responses and the platform’s future announcements will undoubtedly shape the evolving landscape.