NIX Solutions: Snapchat’s Enhanced AR Capabilities

Snap, the owner of the social network Snapchat, has introduced a new version of its generative AI technology that will allow users to apply more realistic special effects when taking selfies using a smartphone.

Advanced Special Effects and Lenses

The company says the ability to create more advanced special effects, called lenses, will help attract new members as well as advertisers to Snapchat. Thanks to the new tool, AR app developers can now create AI-powered lenses that Snapchat users can incorporate into their content, Snap said.

NIX Solutions

The Santa Monica, California-based company also announced an updated version of its Lens Studio developer program, which allows users to create Snapchat lenses and augmented reality effects for websites and applications. According to Snap CTO Bobby Murphy, the new version of Lens Studio will reduce the time it takes to create AR effects from weeks to hours and allow for more complex tasks.

Enhanced Lens Studio and Developer Support

Lens Studio now includes an intelligent assistant that can answer developers’ questions if they need help. Using the app, artists will be able to automatically generate on-demand 3D images for their AR objects, eliminating the need to develop a 3D model from scratch, notes NIX Solutions. Murphy emphasized, “What we’re excited about is that these tools expand the creative space in which people can work, but they’re also easy to use so beginners can create something unique very quickly.” Snap’s future plans include creating AR effects for the entire body, not just the face, such as creating a new outfit.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments as Snap continues to innovate in the AR space.