NIX Solutions: The OG App – Instagram Without Ads and Recommendations

Everyone remembers the time when Instagram first appeared on the social media scene. Back then, things were simpler—just images, filters, a chronological timeline, and no ads.

NIX Solutions

Over the course of a decade, the app has expanded to include a growing number of promotional posts, videos, and featured content that, frankly, clutters even carefully curated news feeds.

A new app called the OG App promises to bring Instagram back to the good old days, offering users a customizable interface that gets rid of annoying ads and anything else users don’t want to see.

According to MMR, instead of creating an entirely new network, the OG App simply tweaks an existing Instagram feed. Users simply log into their Instagram accounts through the app, where they see the same feed, without ads or featured posts.

NIX Solutions notes that in addition, the program allows users to create “alternative feeds”, similar to Twitter.

Different feeds can be curated by topic, from cooking accounts to celebrities or retailers, without having to subscribe to accounts.