NIXSolutions: X Agrees to Comply with Brazilian Supreme Court Decisions

Lawyers representing Elon Musk’s social network X have assured Brazil’s Supreme Court of the platform’s commitment to adhere to all decisions made by the court or the country’s Supreme Electoral Court.

NIX Solutions

Submission to Judicial Authority

Following Musk’s announcement of intent to contest a decision by Brazil’s Supreme Court Judge, Alexandre de Moraes, ordering X’s administration to block certain accounts in the country, the leadership of X has opted to comply with the authorities. This marks a significant shift from X’s previous stance, where it had indicated its inability to control the compliance of the U.S. company with Brazilian court orders.

Assurance of Compliance

“X Brasil advises that all orders issued by the Supreme Court and the Supreme Electoral Court will continue to be fully implemented by X Corp,” stated the company’s legal representatives to Judge Moraes. Despite Musk’s earlier declaration to overturn restrictions as unconstitutional and his call for Judge Moraes’ resignation, the platform now commits to following all directives.

Investigations and Cooperation

Judge Moraes heads investigations into digital militias accused of disseminating false information and inciting hatred during former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s tenure, as well as an alleged coup attempt, notes NIXSolutions. Meanwhile, X representatives have cooperated with the Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives, disclosing information about Brazilian Supreme Court rulings on content moderation. They assure ongoing cooperation and information sharing with the committee.